The MBPOA was formed so that the deed to the Ocean View Beach could be transferred to our association. For 77 years our association has been the sole stewards of our 34.9 acres of prime oceanfront property. It can not be bought, sold, or given away. Our beach, as deeded, is for all to enjoy all the time.

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Montauk Beach Property Owner's Association is 77 years old this year. We took title to what was then known as the "Ocean View Beach" on July 15, 1942 and were incorporated on June 17, 1942. The original plan for our area of Montauk - as envisioned by developer Carl Fisher - was for an 18-hole golf course. Due to the great depression, his plans to make Montauk the "Miami Beach of the North" crumbled. Montauk Beach Development Corporation were the next owners of the property in 1926. The Mirror Holding Corporation who sold 100' x 25' lots for $100 each, subsequently owned the area. The Mirror Holding Corporation eventually became The Montauk Improvement Company, which today is the Tuma Agency.

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Our 2019 Annual Beach Party!

Our 42nd annual beach party was held this past Saturday on a warm and sunny day.

The ocean was calm and many of the members along with their family and friends were able to cool off in the warm summer ocean waters.

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Monthly Beach Cleanup Schedule

2020 Monthly beach and road cleanup. Put this on your summer to do list!

Beach and highway cleanup should be one of your feel good, do good events of the summer. Please plan to do your part to keep our beach and Old Montauk Highway clean. Equipment is provided.

Our 2018 Annual Beach Party!

This summer's beach party was a big hit once again.

With Saturday rained out, the weather cooperated on Sunday and we had a spectacular day with plenty of sunshine and loads of community spirit. We had plenty of yummy food, games for

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    Beach Access

    One of the benefits of MBPOA Membership is access to our beautiful beaches & coastline.

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